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The purpose of this adventure we call life is the never ending pursuit of developing and reaching your peak potential. Whether you are an athlete, student, entrepreneur, manager, or business professional the MindCoach System gives you powerful tools to regain control of your life and amplify your results. Achieving your dream is not just a destination you hope to reach, it is a process.


I have always Despite attending college, reading and listening to HUNDREDS of self-help books/podcasts, attending seminars, and paying world-class mentors NONE of them had ALL of the pieces of the puzzle to design my ideal self.  Each of the "EXPERTS" only had a small piece of the bigger puzzle to help me reach my peak potential.  The journey to became overwhelming because one book lead into the next and into the next.  The amount of information was truly endless. Where the heck do I start? So I just jumped in, consuming as much information as I could to improve myself, but I quickly noticed that I was jumping around. I read books that would serve me in the moment and address the current problem at hand, but I noticed I was still unhappy, unfulfilled, and unclear about the bigger picture.  I still was not at all where I wanted to be in my personal and professional life. So I tried harder...

I got super motivated, and learned even more information. Yet the more I studied the more depressed I got, I felt like I was doing something wrong because these experts appeared to have all the answers, but the more I tried the more I seemed to fall behind both in my personal and professional career. At about this time I was experiencing huge financial setbacks, family issues, career crossroads, and felt completely lost and unfulfilled. I continued to learn but ultimately my self-discipline, motivation, and execution fizzled out to the point where I fell into a dangerous pattern of "learned helplessness." I was constantly angry, depressed, and felt hopeless. It was so frustrating because I knew the information was out there, but everything I tried didn't seem to give me the system and clarity I needed to succeed.

I read books on happiness, marketing, finance, hiring, negotiating, mindset, strategy, discipline, habits, managing, business, psychology, and the list goes on. I understood that it takes more than just one skill to be successful. In fact, ALL of these skills are critical to success.

BUT NOBODY explained how they ALL work together to create lasting "whole-life" personal transformation! Then it finally hit me... "What if there was an easy to follow system grounded in both science and principal that shows you the order and sequence to succeed in life and business?" I realized that I didn't have a way to see what was missing in my pursuit of my potential. Plus, everytime I had an issue it seemed like I was always needed to pay another "expert" to fix it. I wanted to be able to self-treat. After years of repeated failures and mental torment, I had an epiphany... these other programs were missing three major factors:

1.) An immutable list of core INGREDIENTS that allow someone to reach their peak potential.
2.) Proven tools anyone can use to SELF-COACH themselves along the way.
3.) An principled ORDER and SEQUENCE to follow.

Finally I had the clarity I needed to consciously direct my life. If there was a breakdown anywhere along the way I could easily figure out what it was and fix it.  After months of hard work, writing, and research the MINDCOACH SYSTEM was born. It is a best of the best culmination of the top tools and strategies used to transform not only your life but the lives of others as well.

Meet The Team


Adam Kripke

Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant

Adam has captured the respect and attention of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts because of his unique ability to effortlessly connect invisible dots and to identify innovative yet simple solutions that most business owners never see. Not only does he have the ability to think WAY outside the box, but he also can think way inside the box as well. This is a result of Adam’s extensive cross-industry knowledge from having owned and operated, worked in, or been deeply affiliated with 100+ industries and subindustries in his lifetime. Adam has participated in 500+ individual projects totaling in excess of $5 billion dollars. In addition to graduating with a B.S. from Colorado State University, more notably Adam graduated from several alternative educational institutions including mentoring and training from four of the most prestigious thought leaders in the world. Adam is the founder & CEO of Alpha Project, a mastermind consultancy and joint venture marketing company, and owns numerous real estate investment companies. Over the past 20 years, he built 17 diverse companies. Adam was an area developer, business consultant, and master franchise for Cold Stone Creamery. Adam and his team were awarded the Area Developer Of The Year Award and Top Dollar Club Award for being one of the top 50 highest grossing ice cream stores in the world. Adam also co-founded the LSI Group, an international consultancy that facilitated business development, collaborations, and joint ventures between Indonesia and the United States. Adam lives for creating breakthroughs, stimulating conversation, personal growth, and seeing the smiles of business owners after making a massive breakthrough that will transform their life and business. He is an avid skier and kiteboarder and loves creating new and exciting life experiences.


David Loshelder

Author, Performance Coach

Dave received his Bachelor’s degree in Education from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters Degree in Psychology from Duquesne University. Mr. Loshelder is the founder and owner of 3LG Solutions, LLC. His firm brings a unique blend of business experiences that provides a fresh look at personal and professional achievement. He is sought out as a speaker and author on personal effectiveness and change, interpersonal communication and leadership. Throughout his career, Dave has trained, coached, and counseled over 20,000 people to build stronger and healthier team cultures saving companies over 5 million dollars by producing highly productive teams. Dave has spoken at many events and conferences. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, DISC Certified Trainer, Culture Change and Engagement Specialist and Personal Development coach. He also engages in consultations with companies and collaborates and develops process improvement projects and change leadership initiatives. Dave lectures to corporations, associations, civic groups, and universities about personal achievement, communication and leadership. Dave is also the author of three books: The MindCoach System, Take Care of #1 and Protect Yourself. He is also an avid martial artist and holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in the sport of Judo.

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