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With a combined total of over 40 years of business consulting and management experience, leadership experts and co-founders David Loshelder and Adam Kripke have pioneered an innovative approach to transforming leaders. The MindCoach System specializes in providing skills training for executives, managers, supervisors, and employees giving them new found abilities to drive positive change in the workplace.  

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All change that happens within an organization starts with people. More specifically, it starts with leaders, not just those at the top, but leaders at all levels within the organization. This is because great leaders employ highly specialized skills when interacting with others. Skilled leaders have the unique ability to communicate more effectively with various types of people and in different situations. Our training curriculum outlined below provides a framework to affect meaningful change within any organization.

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Research shows that untrained leaders can cost a company up to 50% in lost profits!

87% of employees leave their job because of their manager or supervisor. 

Nearly 50% of all employees are just there for a paycheck and have no real passion for the company they work for.

Common Leadership Problems You May Face...

  • Untrained leaders lack the communication skills necessary to effectively influence others. They often use the wrong leadership style at the wrong time with the wrong person. This behavior negatively affects a company in several ways:

  • Reduced sales and company growth 

  • Toxic company culture

  • Difficult to hire quality talent

  • Low employee morale and productivity

  • Expensive turnover and retraining

  • Employees lack a sense of purpose

  • High levels of stress and anxiety


  • Increased profits as a result of engaged and motivated employees.

  • Minimized employee attrition and lower training costs

  • Reduced stress and increased fun for all team members 

  • The ability to attract highly talented people to your organization

  • Skilled leaders help to create a desirable company culture

  • Learn proven management techniques to create a focused work environment

  • Learn advanced communication skills to enhance team synergy and overall efficiency

  • Communicate more effectively by learning the 4 personality styles 

  • Managers will learn the secret to creating rich working relationships

  • Participants will learn 10 different leadership styles to better influence others 

  • Learn mental wellness techniques to better handle stress and anxiety

  • Learn psychological techniques to identify and overcome limiting beliefs 


    Although the majority of our professional educational courses and materials require an investment, we do however share tons of helpful videos on our channel. Visit us today and just maybe you find that one "Ah Ha!" moment that makes all the difference.

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    Online Virtual Training Sessions 

    The live online training will be delivered via Zoom on predetermined days and times.

    Learn On Your Own Time 

    24 hours following the live training, a recorded version will be made available online for participants that were unable to attend in person. 

    Tons Of Course Materials & Tools

    The course is accompanied by a workbook, assignments, tools, and more. A URL to the to the corresponding course materials will be made available.

    Access To Our Team 

    During the time of the course your team will have access to our team to help answer questions as well as to provide learning support. 



    Planning Your Leadership Journey

    This training will focus on clearly identifying the journey of the participant. We will discuss expectations as well as the company goals for the program.   

    The MindCoach Management System

    This session participants will be guided through our seven-step process to clearly identify their personal and professional aspirations. 

    >>  The 3 applications of the MindCoach System 

    >>  Dreams, why, goals, strategy, execution, mindset, and peak potential. 

    >>  The fundamentals of creating new habits


    Understanding Personality Styles

    Participants will learn the four primary personality styles and provide strategies to help the participant to become more effective with others in the workplace. The facilitator will also review the results from the participants' DISC assessment. 

    >>  How to easily identify someone's personality style

    >>  The common behaviors of each style

    >>  How to communicate, influence, and coach more effectively 

    >>  How to apply behavior adaptability

    >>  How to effectively utilize the DISC Assessment


    Understanding Personality Styles

    Participants will learn how to hire or choose the right people the first time by knowing what to ask, what to look for, and what to avoid. In this training participants will learn:

    >>  Why behavioral interviewing is important

    >>  The true costs associated with poor hiring

    >>  How to formulate questions to hire correctly

    >>  What to look for in a potential candidate

    >>  Participants will learn numerous hiring strategies


    Leadership Styles

    Participants will be given in-depth training on 10 powerful leadership styles. The course leads participants through the strengths and weaknesses of each, when to apply them, and how to use a particular style to best influence others.


    Emotional Intelligence

    Participants will learn the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) and how to understand, use, and manage their own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict in the workplace. 


    Mindset Mastery

    Participants will learn a simple and effective strategy to create an unstoppable mindset as a leader. Discover how to increase your happiness, reduce stress, and how to become more confident and resilient. In this training students will learn:

    >>  The importance of a positive mindset

    >>  The 3 invisible forces that influence mindset

    >>  How to apply the 3 A's

    >>  How to assess and record your mindset

    >>  How to reconstruct your mindset


    Mindset Mastery

    This session will focus on the importance of business culture, the values, beliefs, and behaviors that shape how actual work gets done—“the way things work around here.” The second part will discuss engagement, employees and the level of commitment to the organization and their work “how people feel about the way things work around here.” Both are critical to business:

    >>  The 3 Types of Change 

    >>  Change Pyramid Model 

    >>  The Relationship Flywheel

    >>  The D x V x F > R Formula 

    >>  The Integrated Change Plan (The Case for Change)


    Company Mastermind Session

    This mastermind session is a guided peer-to-peer mentoring group where participants will be asked to share their experiences, best practices they have implemented from the program, wins they have had, and our team provides coaching on how to solve any current problems they are facing:

    >>  Share best practices from lessons learned from the course

    >>  Share recent “wins” with the group

    >>  Discuss and solve current challenges with peer input

    >>  Feedback on the program



    Adam Kripke

    Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant

    During Adam Kripke’s entrepreneurial journey he has owned, operated, or has been affiliated with over 100+ industries. Adam’s cross-industry experience gives him the unique expertise to effortlessly identify innovative simple solutions to problems that most business professionals cannot see. Adam is Co-Founder of the MindCoach System, a cutting edge Leadership Training company and is also a seasoned real estate investor. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Kripke has built 17 diverse companies including being Area Developer, for the global franchise, Cold Stone Creamery. His company was responsible for overseeing 200 stores and 2000 employees. Mr. Kripke was awarded the Area Developer Of The Year Award and Top Dollar Club Award for personally operating one of the top 50 highest grossing stores in the world. Adam Co-Founded the LSI Group, an international consultancy that facilitated business development, collaborations, and joint ventures between SE Asia and the United States. The LSI Group worked on many multi-million dollar and billion dollar opportunities spanning from coal mines, to palm oil plantations, to hotel developments, to fisheries, to educational collaborations, to solar farms.  Adam lives for creating breakthroughs, stimulating conversation, personal growth, and seeing the smiles of business owners after making a massive breakthrough that will ultimately change their life for the better. He earned a B.S. from Colorado State University in Business & Tourism and is the author of the The MindCoach System. 


    David Loshelder

    Author, Performance Coach

    David Loshelder owns and operates 3LG Solutions, LLC a business consulting agency, and is also the Co-Founder of the MindCoach System. Mr. Loshelder has acquired a powerful blend of business experience and certifications that provide an innovative approach to solving common and uncommon business challenges. He works with Founders and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to help companies drive sustainable change initiatives, boost team synergy and build stronger healthier team cultures. Over the past decade, Mr. Loshelder has spoken at many events and conferences around the country. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, DISC Certified Trainer and Culture Change and Engagement Specialist. As a trusted advisor, Dave engages in consultations with companies and collaborates and develops process improvement projects and change leadership initiatives as well as provides personalized executive coaching to CEOs, Executives and Board of Directors of organizations. Dave also lectures to corporations, associations, civic groups, and universities about personal achievement and leadership. David is the author of three bestselling books: The MindCoach System, Take Care of #1 and Protect Yourself as well as the groundbreaking leadership course: Leadership Mastery. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University, and a Masters degree from Duquesne University. 


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