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The purpose of this adventure we call life is the never ending pursuit of developing and reaching your peak potential. Whether you are an athlete, student, entrepreneur, manager, or business professional the MindCoach System gives you powerful tools to take control of your life and amplify your results. Becoming the person you've always dreamed of is not something that can be wished into existence, it takes work and a proven system.  


How We Work With You


Our team will design a custom one day workshop specific to your organization's needs. We create an engaging and actionable presentation for your staff. You can choose from a half day to a full day training session.  



Developing your leaders is one of the best returns on investment you can get. We know that setting time aside to develop your team can be a challenge. Let us do it for you!



5 Day Leadership Mini Course

Email Series

Receive 5 consecutive days of leadership education right to your inbox. This series features over 90 minutes of video content, tools, resources, case studies, and materials that will significantly boost your knowledge of how to become a skilled leader. Simply enter your email today to get access. 

Leadership Mastery

Online Training Course

Culture Change & Engagement Training

Corporate Coaching

Creating a desirable company culture starts at the top with leadership. Transforming the way employees think, feel, and perceive the company they work for takes immense effort and doe not come easy.  Push-back is certain and the challenges are many, yet by applying proper leadership techniques as well as structured systems this process can be more seamless and pain free. Not to mention the new culture will stay in place.  Our team works directly with top leadership to create a custom strategy to morph into the company culture everyone desires.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

MindCoach Management System

Corporate Coaching

Fostering deep and meaningful employee connection in your organization can low expensive turnover, increase employee engagement, improve productivity, and overall employee satisfaction and happiness.  Our team works with your leadership to customize a management system to that works for you based on the MindCoach System principles.  Contact us today for a free consultation. 


Corporate Coaching

Speaking events communicate the principals of the MindCoach system, how they apply to both individual excellence as well as to organizations. We walk through the 7 step process in a clear and simple manner, attendees leave with a sense of clarity and belief that they can achieve extraordinary success—and knowledge of how to get started immediately.

Mastermind Facilitation

Corporate Coaching

Masterminds are peer to peer mentoring groups that facilitate growth and problem solving.  Our staff are trained on numerous mastermind strategies that can be quickly implemented within an organization.  We provide 3 types of masterminds: internal (within the company), external (a mix of multiple industry professionals), and industry (among other companies in your industry). Contact us today for a free consultation.

Personality Assessments

Kids Behavior Assessment

This online kids personality assessment provides you with a comprehensive personality report outlining strengths, weaknesses, and behavior traits. This report can be used for gaining greater insights as to the innate traits displayed by the particular child.

What If... You Had A System To Make Your Deepest Hopes And Desires Less Out Of Reach?

Unfortunately at birth none of us were provided with instructions, a handbook, or coach to become the best version of ourselves. Over time we learn books, mentors, friends, family, and society of what our ultimate life should look like. The problem we discovered is that none of these sources had the entire "recipe." Becoming our ideal self is much like baking a cake. You must first have the proper ingredients and then you must put them in the proper order to get the desired outcome. Without the proper ingredients, amounts, and sequence your cake may not taste the way you want. This book demystifies the "recipe" to reaching your peak potential and provides powerful exercises and tools plan your path to self-realization.

Purchase The Book Now!

What You Will Learn

We all have dreams. However the road to reaching our dreams is blocked by fear, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, doubt, loss, negative influences, lack of clarity and no having sense of purpose. Whether you are a student or a Fortune 500 executive this system provides a simple framework to help you discover what you want, why you want it, and how to get there:

Learn To Coach Yourself

Discover your own blind spots to boost performance in life and business. The 7-Step MindCoach process will help keep you on track and focused.

Extract Your Dreams 

Have you ever REALLY taken the time to visualize your perfect future? The book will walk you through specific exercises to vividly paint a picture of your ideal future. 

Set Smart Goals 

Implement the 7-step goal setting process. Learn how to set effective, specific and measurable goals. Identify the critical objectives necessary to reach the goals you desire.

Discover Your Why

Find the reasons WHY you want to achieve your dreams. Discover your true passion for reaching your peak potential in life and business. 

IdeNtify Your Strategy

There are many paths to get to where you want to go. Learn multiple ways to reach your goals with less money, time, and energy. Expand your way of thinking and open your mind to new pathways.

Understand The B.E.T.A. Cycle

Master the 4 key components of mindset. Learn powerful techniques to overcome negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Regain control of your mind by eradicating fear, anxiety and overwhelm. 

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